Herkimer Diamonds

What are Herkimer Diamonds?
- rare form of quartz crystals, with natural black inclusions within 
- fascinating piece of nature with no 2 pieces alike

What are the Benefits of Herkimer?
- ability to transmit their own energy and also receive spiritual energy
- ability to receive and magnify the influence of other stones
- removes energy blocks and debris
remedy for fighting pain
- corrects imbalances in RNA/DNA, cellular disorders, and metabolic rate
- helpful in preventing physical exhaustion and burnouts
- helps to re-align the energy structure
- supportive of the eyes and is useful in eyesight correction or healing

Most importantly, 
Herkimer Diamonds allow for the appreciation of all that is within us; encouraging us to recognize that we already are what we are seeking

~ Herkimer Jewelries ~ 
Now that you know the benefits of Herkimer Diamonds, having and wearing them as jewelries is a better option to carrying the gemstone around!
Great for everyday wear; in a Rough, yet Dainty minimalist feel
Intricate, simple and versatile
 Herkimer Ear Studs
Herkimer Ear Studs
S$ 25.00