Shinine Designs (initially known as Shinine Outlet) was founded in 2009, with the passion in handcrafting Jewelry and belief that all ladies should own at least a piece of jewelry that is uniquely designed for them. We believe, there is someone out there who yearns for the personal touch in this fast-paced society of mass production.

How does the word "Shinine" comes about, you asked? It was an inspiration obtained one of the days when our Designer also the Co-founder, was sending a text message mentioning her name, when the phone's dictionary auto-changed that to "Shinin".

At Shinine Designs, we believe that each handcrafted item tells a story of its own, interlinked to the designer's personality, feelings and thoughts etc at that moment of design and craft. To further ensure the uniqueness and beauty of the handcrafted jewelry, quality materials are imported (in limited quantity) and used. 

Shinine Designs also offers customization to meet Customer's ideas and/or outfit. We will be more than happy to be able to have a further discussion with you on the directions of the design, or assisting to craft your ideas into a practical piece. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: enquiries@shininedesigns.com should you have further enquiries. ♥